"Clean water, Change Lives, Change The World"

Forget what you can get, and see what you can give.

Groundwater Bank Project

Meet our Team

Founder of the Groundwater Bank Project

Honorary Advisor AGS Group

( non-profit)

Pra Nitedsasanakun

Co-Founder of the Groundwater Bank Project

(AGS Thailand Team Leader)

Sumet Thongket

Co-Founder of the Groundwater Bank Project

(US Groundwater Expert)

AGS International Team leader

Thanet Natisri


Co-Founder of  the Groundwater Bank Project

(AGS US Team Leader)

Albert Smith

Non-Profit Organization 

Siripanyo Foundation

Our Goals

Improve drinking water quality 
Solve water shortage problem
Improve aquifers recharge rate
Help water sustainability in communities
Increase groundwater storage for irrigation
Localized flood reduction

Better water management plan is better life and prosperity 

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