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Stormwater Recharge Station

recharge well.png

The stormwater recharge well are suitable for an area that has difficulty with drainage with the limitation of space.


Things to consider before built this wells


  • Geology had to be suitable. It's had to be layers underground that allow water to pass or permeable layer.

  • Quality of stormwater had to pass the minimum qualification from the regulation of the city. To prevent groundwater from contamination.

  • The depth of the wells is depending on the location and its geology. 

  • Filters material must be environmental friendly.

  • The wells must be maintaining every 2-5 months depending on the usage. To clean out the build-up sediments.

  • The depth of the well must be in Vaduz zone to allow water to filter itself until it reaches the groundwater table.

  • The well must be design or built by our certified contractor.

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