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AGS Root Zone Watering System

For young plants and trees to thrive, they must receive adequate irrigation and a steady exchange of oxygen across all levels of the root zone. This encourages roots to grow deep and remain safely below ground, allowing plants to become strong and fully established. Developed to meet this challenge, the AGS Root Zone Watering System features a simple design, we use simple materials like pipe, gravel to direct water,oxygen, and nutrients to the root zone and provide rigidity to the irrigation cylinder for added durability. The system materials can be purchase in local hardware store thou out the world and easy installation. Each components of the system also can be modify to suit the needed of use in many enviroments. You can help the world save water with a fraction of the cost.

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Diagrams showing the effect of surface watering on each soils type.  ( Diagram 1,2)


Diagrams showing impact of surface watering and root zone watering system.

ags root zone watering system.png
thai version ags root zone watering syst

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