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King Mongkut University and PTT GC Groundwater Bank Project Collaboration in Maptaput District.

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

American Groundwater Solutions (AGS) in corporation with PTT GC and King Mongkut University led by Dr. Pariwate recently introduced groundwater bank project to Maptaput district, Rayong Province, to help improve water problems such as drought, flood and saltwater intrusion. The groundwater recharge technique that were introduce not only to help with conserving water to use in dry season but also help the soil to have more moisture which benefit for agriculture uses. We helped research and planning for the best locations to construct the groundwater recharge areas. The first 3 testing sites we did 2 months ago became very successful in solving or easing the water problems issues.

The water does not accumulate for a long time afer the heavy rain and also the agriculture products become more green. This particular area is not suitatble for large ponds due to the geology. So we implemented the drianage trench and small dry wells to help percolated standing water and runoff into the sub soil faster which result in increasing moisture around the area. This help irrigation become more efficiency.

The next phase is to expand the groundwater recharge area to about 20 sites in the surrounding areas. However, before digging, the analysis has to be made by the AGS guidelines because each area is unique and the same principle in one area might not be suitable for other areas.

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