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AGS Groundwater Bank Standards feature in Thailand News

AGS Standard feature in serval articles and news in Thailand.

AGS Standard is a list of instructions that include several steps for the people, farmers and local government agencies who are interested in the Groundwater Bank project should take to analyze the information to determine if their area or situation is right for the project or not. It will also help determine how effective it is by analyzing the soil and geology information. The most important thing of all, the AGS standard also included the watershed education information which is a very easy and simple way to help the local people understand how to keep their watershed and water supply clean.

AGS Standards had been made from professional engineers, geologists and Geospatial Engineering and Innovation Center at King Mongkut University working together on Groundwater Bank project around the country since 2015.

It also contain a brief history of the Groundwater Bank project in Thailand and its description. The article also mentions serval key location which had been successful in the implementation of project to their area such as Banphuneg Sub-District in Nakornphanom which had become a role model for many local government agency in Thailand.

The link to article below:

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