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Since 2014,  AGS Team and Nitadsasanakun Foundation

( Non-Profit organization )  Groundwater bank project has been providing freshwater supply to over 140 villages. The Groundwater recharge project replenishes water to the aquifers cover area more than 1,600 square kilometers throughout Thailand and many parts of South East Asia.


- Aquifers depleted. 

- Lack of fresh water supply. 

- Depleted groundwater wells.

- limited water storage for irrigation. ​

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- Improve aquifers recharge rate.

- Help water sustainability in communities

- Improved driking water quality.

- Increase groundwater storage. 

- Providing education program.

- Solve the water shortage problem 

- Promote the groundwater knowledge to the local population.


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Education programs 

The donation will be put toward keeping our education programs running to help educate local people in the area how to properly manage their water supply. 

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 Circle of hardship.

During monsoon season,  rainwater is always posting a threat to flooding the farmland, cities, and endanger the life of the people.


In Dry season, Farmers always face a water shortage, many cities run out of fresh water supply due to Limited storage capacity of freshwater. And the over use of groundwater, the matter of fact, some area do not have the access to fresh water at all because their last resource, the aquifer, were depleted.


And That is the circle of hardship. Flood, drought, flood, drought and it never ends.


Our project was named “Groundwater Bank”. The goal is to save excess water in monsoon season and store it underground, then pumps out and used it during drought season. So farmers can have enough water to feed their crop and improve their life quality. 


"To make it short, we turn disaster into an opportunity"

Thanet Natisri 

AGS international Team Leader

UN USA speech 2018

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