Privy Councilor to his majesty the king of Thailand visited our ERIG workshop in Khon Kane

August 22, 2019 the Privy Councilor

The visit was about our Jet Venturi Air Scrubber Machine, nicknamed "Yak Keaw V2", the technology that we are currently developing to help solve air pollution of urban environments in many cities.

“Yak Keaw V2” is a new model with many upgrades that were developed from its predecessor “Yak Keaw V1”, which was successfully built and tested in the field last year throughout many cites including Chaing Mai, Chaing Rai and Bangkok. It became a major headline throughout the country.

This upgrade includes a new body, a better and more efficient motor, an aerodynamic upgrade, and a septic drainfield system that was developed by the AGS team along with the Siripanyo Foundation to manage waste water from the system.

In this visit, the King’s Privy Councilor and his team were accompanied by ERIG and AGS engineering teams in the field.

The Privy Councilor and his team are also actively interested in the Groundwater Bank Project from the Siripanyo Foundation that was presented by AGS staff as well.

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