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Meeting with Department of Groundwater Resources of Thailand

11am- 2pm meeting with director department of Groundwater resources Thailand, president of hydrologist association of Thailand. Discuss about ways to improve the structure of Groundwater Recharge projects and cooperation between Local Administration Department and Groundwater Department to support, giving knowledge and access to soils profile data base.


Department of Groundwater Resources : 1. Mr.Banjong Promchan, Director Bureau of Groundwater Conservation and Restoration 2.Mr.Chanai Rinkaew; Professional Level Geologist

Hydrogeologist Association of Thailand : 1.Somkid Buapeng; Association Counselor 2.Sumrit Chusanathas; Vice President

Geospatial Engineering and Innovation Center (KGEO): 1.Dr.Pariwate Varnakovida; Head of the Center 2.Miss Ratchita Sarimanond; Researcher

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