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Groundwater Recharge Project in Nongkhai, Thailand

Groundwater Recharge Project in Kai Bok Wan Municipal District, Nong Khai, Thailand.

This municipal district had been rely on groundwater for many years until last 2 year.

The last resource of water supply the aquifer is depleted, and the local government had to bring the fires trucks to transport water from nearby town to give to the people in the area to use daily ( the trucks had to run 10-12 time a days to meet the minimum requirement daily)

So our organization (Netedsasanakun Research institute under supervision by AGS Team) come in start planing groundwater replenishment program by using Recharge basins technic. I personally donated 100,000 THB or around $3,000 US dollar toward to the construction of this Recharge pond.

This particular Recharge pond location were generously given to us by the farmer ( the lady in the picture) her family is not rich, as you can see her house here in the picture. But she willing to donated her land for our projects to help out others. She said “even I’m poor, but I’m glad that my things can be any help to others and contribute to the society”. Not just donated her land, but she also allow our volunteers worker to stay at her small house and cook for them as well.

It made me think of her sacrifice, and look at myself. I wonder “she not even live comfortably but what she did is a good deed that some others who had more than her can’t ever do”.

Mr. Thanet Natisri

AGS Internation Team leader

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